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In this post we will see in a general way, Why can install efficient systems in our home for, as indicated, more efficient, Safe and comfortable.

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Among the large number of systems, devices and protocols to control housing, we can classify three groups:

Autonomous Systems.

This type of system, are easier to install and use; se trata de elementos que funcionan por sí mismos, without other intelligences or added.

E.g.: a simple motion detector, a smoke detector, a timer for automatic watering…

Centralized systems.

Centralized systems offer us an extra intelligence. Se trata de autómatas o mini-ordenadores, that are designed or programmed for a range of functions and inputs and outputs have pre configured by designer.

Example of such a system, a device that can be installed in our electrical panel and which will directly cableamos entries: flood probe, probe fire detection and motion detector; likewise, in cablearemos outputs an electric water valve and a siren sound.

The intelligence of this centralized domotics, allows that when the probe detects a flood water, electro act closing the water valve, thereby avoiding an impending flood; likewise, Intrusion detection generate the activation of the siren sound to repel the intruder.

These devices also usually equipped with telephone intefaces, so that if any water detecting probe, smoke or intrusion, we make a call alerting us to the real-time event.

Centralized systems, are economical solutions for small automation, either in a housing, or commercial, bars, etc.

Decentralised systems.

No intelligence systems are the most comprehensive centralized, insurance and comprehensive configuration possibilities that we can find.

All the elements that make up these systems communicate with each other through communication buses, even through Internet.

The great advantage of this type of system, is that if something in the system failed, only he would stop working, allowing the rest of the system remains in perfect condition; something that does not happen in centralized systems: if the device fails, whole system stops working.

Control lighting, air conditioning, blinds, security, entertainment and in accordance, are some of the virtues of these systems; that optimally integrated, can make our homes enjoy enough intelligence to make life easier.

The greatest exponent in control systems of this type is KNX, This communication protocol is the highest standard for building automation worldwide, recommend see the website of the association that regulates to learn more about this system.

There are more than 200 fabricantes de material eléctrico que fabrican elementos de comunicación KNX, among them are first class manufacturers such as Schneider Electric, Siemens or ABB. Clearly, this is a guarantee of reliability, support and confidence especially; since a system we installed in our home, lifetime is the same.

The correct application of these systems, always advised by the figure of a specialist, any application will, either in a housing, in a business, hotel, restaurant… sea más eficiente energéticamente, más confortable y más segura.

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