Energy Efficiency, We begin to save?

Energy efficiency is getting the same goods and energy services, but with much less energy, with the same or better quality of life, with less pollution, at a price below the current, extending the life of resources and less conflict.

But we manage energy more efficiently, the first thing to do, make a diagnosis of power consumption and cost allocation. The basic measure of energy (water, gas, electricity, vapor…) identifies the main areas of consumption and optimize energy use, and verify the impact of energy measures adopted.

And now we all wonder where do we start?, we first need to measure the consumption of our facility, so I will post counters in general network in each of the branches of our facility.

A basic solution could count this:

Basic counting solution

When consumption is known, the most important areas for improving energy use can be identified and start with other energy efficiency measures. Energy savings can be achieved if caught on a power consumption in the facility.

Energy efficiency in commercial.

Muchas veces nos fijamos más en reducir costes salariales o materiales y no nos damos cuenta de la cantidad de dinero que se nos va al no saber gestionar correctamente nuestras instalaciones, lights on when no one or poorly regulated, cooling-off, etc ....

To solve this, the first thing we know is our consumption, for that will post counters, and just this step is going to be worth to be aware of our consumption.

Una gran parte del consumo de los locales comerciales es la iluminación, to increase their effectiveness should consider installing tele drives to decrease or increase the lighting power, You can also install screens and control adjustable by KNX control systems, thereby can create different lighting zones ( in a restaurant .... Bar Area, dining area,…) y a su vez crear escenas controladas para día-tarde-noche, light sensors supported by. Also useful installing time switches and twilight, for example to control the signs, etc.



In rooms with air extraction can install variable speed drives with CO2 controls to fit every circumstance, is not the same as the local vacuum or is filled.

The case of air conditioning is recommended weekly programmable thermostat.


In some cases, can we have the fact that reactive power, we solve placing a capacitor bank appropriate to the installation, which is amortized over a short time.

capacitor bank scheme

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